I have been a career artist all my life, versed in many mediums. My B.F.A ( Bachelor of Fine Art) is from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I was born in Virginia and raised in Southern Ontario, in a Mennonite community. After university, I developed my life work and understandings in the Pacific Northwest(Oregon/Seattle/Vancouver) with my three sons who are now grown. We had a paper bead artisan wholesale cottage industry.

My work has been around teaching others to access their creative channels and muses. Encouraging restorative practices and learning Forum Theatre, and Family Constellation work.

Recently I have graduated from the Conestoga College Small Business Venture Program and Artrepuenuer cohort in york Region through the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and York Region Arts Council. I enjoy facilitating Interactive Public Art. Some of my workshops can be seen at

Carolyn Dawn Good
Kitchener, Ontario