Setting Out

There is momentum building in my world. It has taken longer however than I thought. There have been counter forces that enter. They seem like from outside, but they are so familiar that it is as if a scriptwriter has come along to insert some of the messages, that once seemed so daunting, but now, familiar. Sometimes my ordinary life scenes have an inner soundtrack.

November begins to get dark. There are a few days of unsteadiness as the morning is really dark and then we get a nice Sunday morning to have an extra hour. To “Fall Back” to sleep. Or just take a few moments and pretend that I have just re-spawn into this moment.

It takes a sort of inner mind exercise to break free from habitual thoughts and perceptions. Sometimes I resist. But this week, exciting things are lining up into patterns that seem unpredictable and completely expected all at the same time.


This is a picture that I did for my Artrepreneur Course presentation in York Region. Now I see what it was designed, just a few more months into the story.  Waterwheel Nexus Inc. is an umbrella organization that I am in the beginning stages of forming. I have operated under my name for a long time. If you are just starting out, I would recommend that. But keep a separate bank account or credit card for all your business transactions.

Stay the course,



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