Structures and Flow

Accessories (3).png

As much as I can imagine impending doom, my inner GPS is navigating me as telling me I am on track.  The business plan I need to rally is still more in my head. I realize that I have an obstacle about bringing ideas to reality. I want to keep flowing and the structure seems to limit and more than that expose.

The organization that is emerging from the complex situation at the old Boehmer Box factory is definitely a Chaordic Organization.

…for in truly chaordic organization there is no destination. There is no ultimate being. There is only becoming.

“Poised as we are on the knife’s edge between socio-environmental disaster and a livable future, one question cuts to the core of our future: Will the result be chaos and the even more repressive and dictatorial regimes so often arising from chaotic conditions? Or will we emerge from the eggshell of our Industrial Age institutions into a new world of profound, constructive organizational change?

The answer lies in the very concept of organization and in the beliefs and values of individuals.”  DEE HOCK 

How can artist help in complex times as these? I wish you had been to the Waterloo Amplify Culture evening at CIGI.


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