The Golden Hour


That time, just before sunset is my favorite. Some people call it the Golden Hour. Photographers know it well. The time when the sun’s angle is just so that shadows soften and colors warm.

So the Golden Hour isn’t always golden in the light it offers. Instead, it’s a golden opportunity to experience the many variations of light that unfold in a short period of time – patterns of colors, tones, shadows, and textures that surface briefly in this particular time and place, then disappear, perhaps forever. What makes a photograph unique is its potential to capture such fleeting moments of light. This is what makes it the Magic Hour ~ John Suler

There was a day before my cat died last week that there was a sweetness around him. It was a sweet smell too. It was similar to a human dying journey. In some ways, there seems to be a golden hour as the soul gets ready to leave the body. (I have been a private care companion for the dying.)

Have you ever been near the end of a project, and things just started to hum along? There seems to be a time just before when I am always tested. As if to say, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Then at the next moment, there will be a charmed feeling like all is extraordinary. The countertops gleam brighter, the sparkles sparkle more. There will be more things aligned and timing will be impeccable.  Staying in this zone is the test.

Often, these moments are hard to sustain.  I tend to fall off the surfboard and have a few bad days of not following through, losing energy and sometimes going down on a diverse path. Setting up a regular practice is easier said than done.  However, if you can wrangle all your inner directions, it is worth it.

abstract art background bulb

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