Innocent Determination


Face it. There really are many layers of reality going on at once. It can seem so upsetting that when obvious solutions with recipes to fix just do not seem to make sense. We can call in the experts when things are complicated but they seemed to apply tactics and solutions that seem worn and formula.

How can we direct our decision making and how do we avoid overwhelm?

It gives me the strength to know that there is much more going on than meets the eye. This small watercolour painting was painted back in 2011 when my dad fell and hit his head on his cane. The same time. Usually, I am not overtaken with painting as I was. I had seen this image as in tree bark a few days before. (PAREIDOLIA) I do that so much.


This was a clear message! Over Lake Simcoe in Ontario. It was after my presentation to the group in my Artreprenuer course.  I did not follow its direction. I lost the business plan and in fact, for the next months I poured myself into other peoples lives,  moved from my empty nest and then I really got into a strange territory, in a very complex tangle of people, businesses, and concepts.  Around arts, environment, business and social causes.  Yikes.

Silly me.

Yet, something huge is emerging out of the need to gather people in a listening circle and find the pain point in a situation to discover a hidden solution.

I have been taught that no matter what has happened it has been good. What is happening now is good and what will happen will be even better.






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