Calm is a Choice


Dropping into a brilliant moment where the colors sing out in response to my joy. This city that I never thought I would return to, has restored itself to me. There is a fondness that I feel. There are people here that care and take an effort to make things lovely.

Just going out to take a walk. A slow walk to enjoy the air and no other reason, just to stroll. I feel safe. Even if I do not know exactly what will happen next and that I am behind in bills. I still feel response-able. There is a satisfaction to really understanding the value of a dollar and to know the feeling of not being able to afford a coffee.

Owning a business means there is a lean time. There is a sacrifice. There are limits and it is up to me to make things stretch and to reinvest. It is up to me to understand giving and receiving. Facing the fear of asking for the sale.  Opening up to rejection and inviting it in has helped me. It was a seminar on millionaire bootcamp that I had taken in Oregon. “Overcoming Rejection will Make You Rich” by Larry Dilagi. Also, there are so many other goo ones too.

I have been working on Byron Katie’s THE WORK to really plow through my unconscious patterns.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start their creative practice or their business.


Much of my drawing is digital. You can see the experiments on my Behance Portfolio. You can buy prints of this piece that came through spontaneously late one night after a trip to Lake Simcoe.  Choose your piece.  Shop NOW.



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