There is a field where we can meet. That realm beyond right and wrong.

Remember that one? Inner wisdom is an innate capacity in each of us. We were born with an inner Guidance system. Learning to take the time to plug it in and listen is so valuable in these busy times.

Our In8LY U Visual Language Classes are all about learning to be still and trust this innate voice again. It takes some undoing. It is not always easy, but breakthroughs are permanent. And it spans ages and languages.

Most of the exercises, information, and lessons that I will share are to kindle the small embers of hope residing within. As you face huge life decisions and changes, whether personal or professional, individual or as a group, we are here to create a way, together.

“A knowing arises within a group, that leads to profound action. It is not of the mind alone and not of any individual alone. When the knowing arises, it comes deep within the individuals, from the collective awareness of the group and from the larger field that holds the group.”

John Ott (Power of Collective Wisdom)




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